disney + universal, florida | september, 2017

my mom recently surprised my brothers and i with a trip to disney world & universal studios in orlando, florida! we all had the absolute best time and i wanted to share it with you guys. 

day one: animal kingdom. the avatar ride was the most phenomenal ride i've ever experienced. every single one of us were left in awe afterwards. also, the ride dinosaur... so cool.

day two: epcot + hollywood studios. test track, of course, was a blast, literally. however, figment will remain in the #1 spot on the list of my favorite epcot rides. i heard rumors that it had been shut down, but was pleasantly surprised to find out it was still up and running! hollywood studios is home to the spookiest ride disney has to offer, tower of terror. the queue for this ride put me in the halloween spirit for sure. this particular night, we ate at hollywood + vine for minnie's halloween dine. goofy, donald duck, and mickey mouse each stopped by our table to say hi and take pictures.

day three: magic kingdom. this was my favorite day! we rode all of my favorite rides and i even stopped to get a dole whip in adventureland. also dined at Tony's, the famous restaurant from lady + the tramp. my mom also got us the parade package which gave us VIP seating for festival of fantasy. i was wearing my birthday pin which seemed to catch the attention of some of the characters who then waved at me and wished me a happy birthday (CUTE). a few hours later, i met my favorite princess, rapunzel, for the first time and it was magical! at the end of this night, we were lucky enough to watch the firework shows from the comfort of the dumbo ride. that was really cool. 

day four: island of adventure + universal studios. LET. ME. TELL. YOU. when we first got there, we went straight to IOA. no one was there. no. one. 0 wait times. we walked right on to the hulk, ripsaw falls, spider-man, jurassic park. some of the most popular rides. it was crazy.. i remember waiting 2 hours for these attractions so you can only imagine how exciting this was. after that, my family went into hogwarts and hogsmeade. i had never been to harry potter world and WOW. amazing. my favorite part was the butterbeer as well as the hogwarts express which took you from IOA to universal studios. the train drops you off in daigon alley, another harry potter location. this was my favorite place to hangout. the shops were so unique and everything was seriously just like in the movie. wish i could go back already. i also went by seusslanding, which was like walking through the best story books. later that night, my little brother accidentally got my entire family of 6 kicked out of universal... the vlog is live on my youtube channel. go there to see the story unfold.

click here to watch the vlog

thank you to my wonderful mother for taking all of us on this trip. i'm so grateful. love you forever, like you for always, mommy.