my therapy | november 15, 2017

i was flipping through my art journals today, reminiscing on some old memories, and found this page.. i’m so happy that i have a habit of journaling!! it’s such a cool feeling to be reminded of important times you forgot about.. whether they were happy or sad. i like to see what i learned from that event and how i’ve grown as a person since then. i encourage each of you to start journaling!!! you can write, use mixed media, tape down receipts or tags, ANYTHING! it is sooo worth the time don't forget to date each entry! should i share more pages on here?

[i use a moleskin journal. i use clippings from magazines, newspapers, old books, and pretty things i find online. i use any and every pen and marker i can find in my house. after i finish a page, i make sure to write the date and then i seal it with clear packing tape. i may do a full "how-to" post soon.. hmmmm...]