scarecrow festival of chappell hill | october 15, 2017

today my mom, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, and myself all loaded up in the truck and drove an hour an a half north to the best craft show in all of texas!!! chappell hill's scarecrow festival is so much fun and they have the coolest vendors. however, i only left with three candles and a gigantic bag of kettlecorn (and that's perfectly fine by me). the weather was alright and a little humid. the breeze felt great because the cool front was starting to roll through. we ate BBQ and baked potatoes at the town's fire station and sipped down some homemade lemonade. this little town is so precious and so are its people! if you're anywhere near the area, make sure to come down next year, it's so worth it!

necklaces: urban outfitters + the m jewelers

tee: tommy hilfiger

belt: gucci

shorts: pacsun

boots: my granny's closet (i can't find the brand) 

Scan  j 1.jpeg