CHILL+CHEER | lightroom presets

so excited to announce that my lightroom preset pack "CHILL+CHEER" is now available for download! i've been working extra hard on these to be sure they are nothing but perfect for YOU! this pack consists of 5 color presets that are each unique, but when used together, make for a very cohesive style. CHILL+CHEER will bring life to your images and create a bold appearance that you and your clients will adore! grow, grow, grow and let this be an investment to your business!

"an all-around, versatile lightroom preset collection! payton hartsell’s “CHILL+CHEER” presets reflect the ups and downs we experience in life; from warm and sunny days to cool and gloomy nights. like they say, “april showers bring may flowers..” so, let your garden bloom and see what the universe, and yourself, will create."

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class of 2018 | march 12, 2018

pictures like these are ones that will, someday, fill you with nostalgia and butterflies.. i'm beyond blessed to be able to photograph so many unique people during such an important and exciting time in their lives! there will always be a special place in my heart for seniors <3

thank you to this wonderful senior, carlie, for being such a sweet model! i hope you accomplish all your goals and have a great time while doing it! 

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senior season has began! | march 11, 2018

happy to be kicking off senior season with this cute girl, maycie! such a colorful and fulfilled shoot! i'm currently booking april + may sessions, click here to contact me. packages start at $350! 


senior year is a BIG deal! don't miss the opportunity to remember it with beautiful images :-)

my therapy | november 15, 2017

i was flipping through my art journals today, reminiscing on some old memories, and found this page.. i’m so happy that i have a habit of journaling!! it’s such a cool feeling to be reminded of important times you forgot about.. whether they were happy or sad. i like to see what i learned from that event and how i’ve grown as a person since then. i encourage each of you to start journaling!!! you can write, use mixed media, tape down receipts or tags, ANYTHING! it is sooo worth the time don't forget to date each entry! should i share more pages on here?

[i use a moleskin journal. i use clippings from magazines, newspapers, old books, and pretty things i find online. i use any and every pen and marker i can find in my house. after i finish a page, i make sure to write the date and then i seal it with clear packing tape. i may do a full "how-to" post soon.. hmmmm...]

maycie in downtown houston | november 12, 2017

maycie chose the most beautiful, chic location in downtown for her senior shoot! this is hands-down my absolute favorite session i've ever done! i loooove the wintery vibes of it and we were just blessed with how perfect the lighting was (these were shot from 4:15-5pm). i edited almost all of these with my friend, jessica whitaker's, new lightroom presets. <--- click there to buy them and support her work.

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gage + courtlyn's shoot | october 29, 2017

early morning shoots always turn out so perfect !!! the light was so soft at our first two locations and then the sun was a bit higher by the time we got to the third. we worked with it though, and the last few turned out to be some of the best couple photos i've ever taken. thank you to my brother, gage, and his girlfriend, courtlyn, for waking up crazy early and being troopers in the 40 degree weather. love you both!

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baby it's cool outside | november 9, 2017

oh my goodness, i love this weather!!! it's so cool in houston i can wear jeans and (semi) long sleeves OUTSIDE. crazy right?! anyways, this is one of my favorite outfits currently. i love the fancy little lace top paired with some casual jeans! i added a few accessories and made it look so put together. i wore my hair natural but then decided it looked cuter in a low bun with little strands pulled out to frame my face.

[top: forever21, jeans: h&m, belt: vintage, shoes: vintage, bracelets: altar'd state, bag: jototes, earrings: claire's]


shopping in downtown houston | october 27, 2017

friday was a pretty chilly day in houston- i went shopping with my friend sheila who was home from college for the weekend. it was so great to spend some quality time with her and reminisce on old memories <3 i knew we would be going in and out of stores all day so i layered a cozy sweater with a jean jacket to stay warm. then i just decided to go all out and double the denim. i think the neck scarf really tied the whole look together! 

[ scarf: h&m / similar, sweater: altard state, jean jacket: old navy / similar, belt: gucci, jeans: h&m / similar, boots: vintage, charm bracelet: james avery, polaroid: instax wide ]

***photos edited with jessica whitaker's red letter days lightroom presets!***

Scan 17.jpeg

welcome to the losers club | halloween, 2017

this halloween, my best friends and i dressed up as the cast of IT (2017). we saw the movie together right when it was released (3 times actually) and since then we've been hooked! now i'm not one for scary movies, but the comedic relief in IT was the only reason i didn't cover my eyes the entire time. the cast of the movie are the funniest kids on and off screen and since my friends and i watched every single "losers club" interview in existence, we figured our halloween costumes had to be inspired by them. i dressed as beverly marsh (played by sophia lillis). so it was 38 degrees outside and we spent our evening at logan's house sitting around the fire pit with blankets and hot cocoa. (WE DIDN'T CONSIDER LOOKING AT THE WEATHER WHEN WE PLANNED THESE OUTFITS LOL) then we obviously had to have a mini photoshoot to document how cool we all looked..

#ITsHALLOWEEN - stay spooky!!! 


(collages by noah)

 losers club understudies - IT (2017)

losers club understudies - IT (2017)

 payton as beverly marsh

payton as beverly marsh

 sophia as pennywise

sophia as pennywise

 nathan as bill denbrough

nathan as bill denbrough

 noah as ben hanscom

noah as ben hanscom

 logan as richie tozier

logan as richie tozier

Scan 13.jpeg

autumn | october 29, 2017

EEK! i felt so cool in this outfit <3333 since today was windy, i decided to keep my hair natural instead of fighting to keep it styled. i put my curls into a low bun, pulled a few strands down, and put on my new favorite hat. this hat is MAGIC. everyone deserves to have a cabbie hat in their life.

[hat: forever 21, necklace + bracelet: vintage, sweater: brandy melville (last year), skort: wet seal (2014), shoes: forever 21, purse: kate spade]

now i'm going to catch up on riverdale, then binge watch the halloweentown series before it's too late !!!


70 degrees with a breeze | october 26, 2017

here is a cute cozy fit i wore to run a few errands around town- i thought this seafoam green sweater was perfect for the transition of the seasons, so i paired it with a fun baby blue skirt and cream hightops. each of these pieces were very comfortable and worked so well in this 70 degree weather! also, i'm still obsessed with the strawberry acai refreshers from starbucks (you have to order it with lemonade instead of water next time you go) ((you can thank me later))

[sweater: forever 21  - skirt: american apparel  -  top necklace: kendra scott  -  bottom necklace: the m jewelers  -  charm bracelet: james avery  -  earrings: icing  -  socks: walmart  -  shoes: converse outlet]


first fall fit | october 25, 2017

fall as finally hit texas!!!! (well sort of)

today was 72 degrees and it felt like heaven! i got to wear one of my favorite sweatshirts out and about instead of just around my house. praying this weather sticks around for a bit <3

sweatshirt + skirt: brandy melville

belt: gucci

star earrings: forever 21

silver necklaces: the m jewelers

gold necklace: urban outfitters

charm bracelet: james avery

scarecrow festival of chappell hill | october 15, 2017

today my mom, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, and myself all loaded up in the truck and drove an hour an a half north to the best craft show in all of texas!!! chappell hill's scarecrow festival is so much fun and they have the coolest vendors. however, i only left with three candles and a gigantic bag of kettlecorn (and that's perfectly fine by me). the weather was alright and a little humid. the breeze felt great because the cool front was starting to roll through. we ate BBQ and baked potatoes at the town's fire station and sipped down some homemade lemonade. this little town is so precious and so are its people! if you're anywhere near the area, make sure to come down next year, it's so worth it!

necklaces: urban outfitters + the m jewelers

tee: tommy hilfiger

belt: gucci

shorts: pacsun

boots: my granny's closet (i can't find the brand) 

Scan  j 1.jpeg